Engineering & Design

Supporting the construction arm of EPCO, our regulatory experts, technical disciplined specialists, engineers and designers work together to enhance EPCO capabilities for the Oil & Gas industry. All EPCO and partner projects are valued engineered to ensure "best value sloutions" for its clients 

Designers are an essential part of the EPCO team. EPCO designers take their projects and use ergonomic prinicples to gain the best functionallity from the design. ​

EPCO designers use state-of-the-art CAD systems and hand drawn 3D renderings to enhance the clients perception of the project.


Engineers take an abstract idea or thought and translate it into reality using science and mathematics. ​

What really distinguishes EPCO engineers is their ability to implement the above in a in a cost effective and practical manner. ​


Let EPCO transform your ideas and thoughts into reality. From a "green-field" site to a fully licensed, functioning, efficient and safe and sustainable project. ​ ​


EPCO have engineers across all disciplines including; civil, mechanical, electrical, piping, sanitary, costing, environmental, building services and oil & gas. Together they combine to provide a complete bespoke service tailored to your needs. ​

The Engineers are closely connected with the EPCO design department and to EPCO's contacts and partners within the local design institutes and approvals bodies. EPCO's cost engineers monitor all stages of the engineering design and report to the SMT on a regular basis.