Environmental Services

  • Worry-Free Drilling Waste Environment Management Services
  • Supervise your sump construction and operations.
  • Sample and test drilling waste.
  • Supervise drilling waste disposal on site or off site.
  • Screening and removal of solid waste.
  • Processing and washing slurry and liquid waste.
  • In- or ex-situ treatment of sludges and effluents.
  • Contaminated soil disposal and removal from wellsite.

On-site Treatment – a combination of bio-degradation and bio-ventilation, thermal desorption, confinement with hydraulic barriers, chemical or biological stabilization, and chemical and enzymatic washing. ​

Off-site Treatment – After analyzing the type of waste, EPCO manage the excavation and transportation of your oilfield waste to a GreenFill Treatment Site or other waste management facility for treatment and/or disposal. ​

Once your remediation program is complete, an environmental consultant will test the soil at your site again to ensure it meets national standards & requirements for unconditional land usage.