Procurement & Logistics

From design to installation, EPCO uses its in-house experts for the systematic coordination of all aspects of the procurement process, including bids, price negotiations, assuring correct quantities and specifications, shipping and delivery. Our goal is to obtain materials, services or products at the best possible cost which meet the needs and time constraints of our clients.

Our professionals have extensive procurement experience in Oil & Gas, Hydrocarbon, Nuclear, construction and hospitality industries.  Given the extensive international and local expertise of our shareholders, employees and partners, EPCO has gained substantial savings from suppliers which in turn is handed on to our clients.

Whatever you're requirements, EPCO will find it in an expeditiously.

Procurement Planning

Procurement Planning is the key to success.  It allows EPCO to ascertain if the requirements are realistic, moreover it invloves all stakeholders.   These can be clients, end users, EPCO procurment department, technical experts.

The plan will include the procurement stratergy of every item and presented to the senior management team (SMT) for review & comments.  Once approved the client is given a presentation for their ultimate approval of the plan.

Any Ware to Anywhere

EPCO and its partners have a wealth of experience in both national and international logisitcal operations.  Whether by air, rail, road or sea we pride ourselves in knowing we can locate and utilize the best method for our clients.

Containerized, palletized, bulk, loose, heavy lift, specialist cargos, warehousing, inventory control, supply chain management and consolidation all on INCO terms.   Our staff have experience in moving diverse cargos from and too remote locations, such as seismic explosives and even an African Rhino.


EPCO are experienced in base-management and base-to-base supply.  From designing, procuring, and errecting offices, warehousing, accomodation and ancillary equipment too crew changes.   Nobody does it better.

With our partner "Westminster PLc" we can provide total security for our clients personnel & property.   Including Oil & Gas pipeline security monitoring for remote areas.